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I just spent a considerable amount of money on a rug, the sales person said it would last for years.

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

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I'd like to offer a gentle warning for people who have heard from self proclaimed "design professionals" who tell their customers that wool rugs shed. This is a misnomer; the wool does not shed, but the way the rug is made will be the reason it sheds. Many sales people will try to sell a rug because the colors work, and they do not consider beyond that. Before you know it, the sales person is long gone and you are dealing with daily continual shedding, housing a toxic backing, and dealing with unsightly water stains when you try having your rug cleaned to make it stop. Before making your final selection, be sure to seek out a rug professional. Knowledge is power. You are making a purchase that should endure and maintain its original appearance for years to come!

An LLD fine rug will never shed and is completely washable.

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